What Is True Faith? – What Is The Meaning Of True Faith

To please the Lord we all need to have true faith. The Bible tells us to know the meaning of faith to have a better relationship with Jesus.

Meaning Of True Faith

Faith is trust. Faith is something that assures us to depend on someone without any doubt. Let us see what the Bible tells us about faith. (Hebrews 11:6) says that without faith it is impossible to please God.

If we can rely on worldly people then why don’t we trust the Lord as he is trustworthy? Often we believe in God but our Faith is very weak. Let us see the example below
How can we truly believe the Lord in our day to day life?

True Faith in the Old Testament

Abraham believed god

If we look at Abraham then we can find that the Lord promised him to make a Great nation from him. But when he and his wife were old till that time they did not get the promised son. So, they were disappointed.

But Abraham believed in the Lord and he asked the Lord that you have given me everything but till now I’m without a son. So the Lord took him out of his house and showed him the stars in the sky and asked him to count them.

But Abraham said that it is impossible to count them and then the Lord replied to him that your descendants will be like the stars in the sky. In the next year, Sarah delivered Isaac by whom the Lord made the covenant to fill the earth. But when Isaac grew up the Lord wanted to test Abraham’s faith and he asked him to dedicate Isaac.

Without thinking anything Abraham decided to sacrifice Isaac before the Lord. Because Abraham had a strong faith in God and he believed that the Lord will keep his promise with what he made before with him.

When the Israelites moved from Mount Hor by the way of the Red Sea, to move around Edom, they were so disappointed and started complaining against the Lord. They also spoke against Moses as he took them out of Egypt.

As they were moved by the wilderness where they did not get sufficient food and water. So, the Lord sent serpents among them and many died from the snake bite. When they confessed their sins before Moses then he prayed to God for the Israelites. The Lord told Moses to make a bronze serpent and put it on a pole. If a serpent had bitten anyone, he would be healed as soon as he looked at the bronze serpent( Numbers 21:4-8).

True Faith in the New Testament

When Jesus was preaching the gospel and he approached Jericho. After preaching there he came out of the city and a large number of people were behind him. While Jesus was walking, two blind men shouted at him. But the other people scolded them so that they may not shout any more.

Jesus stopped there and he looked at them and asked them what they were actually asking from him. They told Jesus that they are expecting him to heal them so that they can get back the sight to see the world. Jesus told them your faith healed you. And instantly they were able to see the things(Matthew 20:29-34).

In Capernaum, a centurion’s beloved servant was seriously sick. So, the master sent his other people to bring Jesus to heal his servant who was about to die. When Jesus was almost reaching the centurion’s house, that master met him on the road and asked Jesus in order to heal his servant.

Jesus did so and when the centurion reached his home, he got the news that his servant was healed at the hour when he met Jesus. (Luke 7:1-10).
Let us move to see this depth of faith by another example.

Righteous by True Faith

The Holy Bible teaches us that we are religious by faith. What is faith? We also believe in hundreds of transient things every day.

When we board a bus or train, we also actively show faith. Because through work we express the belief that the bus or the train must take us to our destination and take us back.
When we sit on a bench or chair, we believe that the bench or chair must be able to carry the weight of our body.

Today I want to tell you a true story. It contains a vivid picture of living faith.
A mighty mountain spring flows through the huge valley of the mountain. The extent of the waterfall is not less.

One day a young man announced that he would ride a bicycle on a rope above the fountain.
A hard tree was tied to a rope and tied to two trees on either side of the fountain. It was not long before the news spread to all the surrounding areas.
On the appointed day, the place was filled with a thick crowd. The man got on one end of the rope with his bicycle.

The crowd stared at the lake once, and then at the mighty stream.
Everyone knew that once he stumbled, his death was inevitable; Because no one will ever find his whereabouts where his body will sink at the speed of this current.

Bicycling began on the ropes. With a sigh, the crowd watched as he finally reached the other side safely. But immediately he stood on the rope, turned the bicycle and crossed again towards the other side. In this way, he traveled several times.

Every time the crowd started congratulating him. Then he stood on the rope and asked the crowd, “Can I sit on my shoulder and take a lake across the waterfall, do you believe that?” The crowd cheered.”We believe you can do it,” said Kalkantha.

Then who will sit on my shoulder and go to the other side,” said the young man. But there is no response from the voices of the people, absolutely speechless, silent. They looked once at the rope, once at the mighty current of the fountain.

They were terrified. But a man came out of the crowd and he said, “I have no doubt that you can carry me on your shoulders.” He sat on the young man’s shoulder.
In front of everyone’s curious eyes, the young man carried the man on his shoulders and went over the rope to the other side of the fountain, and came back again.

Understandably, only this man had a burning faith. The crowd said in unison that they believed the young man could carry a man safely across the waterfall.
But only one of them was able to come forward.

People all over the world believe in God. Yes, even Satan believes in God and trembles with fear.

Many believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. They also believe that he died on the cross for their sins and that he rose from the dead on the third day.
But in spite of all these beliefs, they have not been saved. Their belief is that the intellect is innate, it could not touch their hearts; Because they did not completely abandon themselves to the grace of God.

You may think that everyone in the world would gladly accept such a wonderful salvation, but only a handful of people in the world have been saved.

More than half of the world is not saved. Because they never heard the name of Jesus. Those who have never heard the gospel of Christ, you are not in it.

When you have to stand before God on Judgment Day, you cannot say, “I do not know Jesus. No one has ever told me.”
By reading this you have found the way of salvation. God judges him in terms of the knowledge and wisdom he has received.

If you refuse to come to Jesus, you will have to answer to God, just as the man did, but he rejected the way of life. I believe and pray that now you children will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior in simple faith.

Let the man who thinks he is very good examine himself in the way of Christ. On the Day of Judgment, God will judge people on just one issue. That is the subject of their relationship with Christ.
To reject Christ is to reject God’s gift. By presenting Christ to the world as a gift, God has given the best and greatest gift.

It is written in the Bible: In the past, in many ways, the prophets spoke to the fathers, and in this last time, the Son has spoken to us. (Hebrews 1: 1) This wonderful gift from God is for you too. Will you reject him?


To come before the Lord we all need to believe him and if we believe him we will get reward from him.  All the children of God who walked with the Lord were faithful and had put their faith on him. Faith is the substance that leads us in the ways of the Lord.

We cannot please God if we don’t have faith in our hearts. The Bible says that we are moving forward without seeing the object. By faith, we can understand that Jesus died on the cross and gave salvation to the entire world.   

By believing the word of God we can become righteous people. Even if we look at Abraham, we can find that he was called righteous when he trusted the Lord. So, we all can be righteous by putting our faith in Jesus.

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