About Us

Who Am I

I am Jiten Panday, a born again Christian, who believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord
and saviour. I am extremely passionate to share the word of God with everyone, so
that every individual will experience the limitless and life changing love of God that I
have experienced.
I am the founder of this website with one goal of sharing the God’s living word with
everyone around the globe.


I am living with one vision that is expanding the kingdom of God, by spreading the Word of God through every possible mean.

What You Get From This Website

My goal is to help you grow spiritually by providing you contents that are based on the Bible, the Word of God. We are a group of people with a single aim to help the other believers by presenting the word of God through this website.
You will get bible verses related to the topics and other devotionals for enhancing your understanding about the Word of God.
If you are serious about building intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour then this website will benefit you.


As the disciple of Jesus Christ, my mission is to:
1.Helping people to grow in faith
2.Providing Word of God to relate them in your day to days life
3.Helping people to understand the Word of God
4.Bring glory to the living God through all our activities
5.Encouraging you to trust on the living God
6.Assisting you to realise that there is amazing power in Jesus name
7.Equipping people to grow in their faith and the practical application of it in their lives

Statement of Faith

I believe in One God who became flesh and made his dwelling among us. He is Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour.
Bible is the only God’s Word.
Forgiveness of sin can be done only by Jesus Christ.
Man was created in God’s image but because of sin man became the enemy of God.
We can reunite with Holy God only through receiving forgiveness from Jesus, who had died on the cross for our sin and paid the cost of sin on behalf of us.

Content Writer and Editorial Team

Jiten Panday, Founder, Publisher and Editorial Director
Jiten is a born again Christian from a former Hindu. He belongs to a conservative Hindu family. He came to know Jesus Christ and accepted him in his heart as his Lord and saviour and started to learn more about Bible and Jesus. Eventually he grew in faith and now sharing his faith with others.
He is the founder of this website to share the Word of God with others.