The Gospel Of Jesus Christ For You – Life Changing Word Of God

When Jesus will come for his second coming You Will Save Because You believe In the gospel of Jesus Christ he will take his children along with him and the children of Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire as they did not respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.The weeping and gnashing of teeth will accompany them.

Everyone committed Sin(Gospel Of Jesus Christ)

There are so many people who claim that they don’t deserve to be hell and because they are righteous in their own eyes. They argue with people that they are not so bad that God will send them into hell. They will definitely inherit the kingdom of God.

What does the Bible say about us? The Bible tells us that we all are sinners and we are separate from the presence of the Lord (Romans 3:23).  We all are away from the Lord and have gone far from the Lord.  So, we all are lost and to be found ourselves we need to surrender ourselves before the Lord. We should not listen to our hearts as our hearts deceive us.

The Hope for You(Gospel Of Jesus Christ)

We should not live in the curse of the law.  Because of Adam and Eve, we became the sinners and we cannot reach God with our own righteousness. We have hope in Jesus Christ as he opened the way for us to live a righteous life.

Jesus said that he came on this earth to give us life so that we can get it completely. You may be poor like a beggar or rich like a millionaire. But we cannot purchase our salvation. To obtain it we need to humble ourselves before Jesus Christ. Jesus said that if anyone comes before me I will never leave him alone ( John 6:37). So, we all have the hope to reconnect with the Lord through Jesus Christ.

Jesus will give you peace(Gospel Of Jesus Christ)

One day a teacher asked the students to come and take his wrist watch but none came to take it except a  boy.  Surprising others he got  the wrist watch. Actually the rest of the students did not believe their teacher that he would really give his wrist watch. They  came to know that the gift was

 really very good but they missed the opportunity that’s why the boy got the reward.

Jesus kept a much bigger reward for us if we follow  him and come forward to receive it then we will also get the award like that boy. Jesus said those who are tired and weary must come before him to gain peace in their hearts(Matthew 11:28).

Many have returned to Jesus by his calling and still he is waiting for us those who are away from him. If we are tired with our sins and worried about our futures then we should definitely come before him with a gentle heart. Because he will give us the shelter and he will guide us by forgiving our sins.

He will remove all our unrighteousness and we will be a new creation. After which we can cast out all our worries upon him as he cares for us. He is  extending his hands to lead us and help us to have a glorious life.

Right Now You can Receive His Blessings

The little boy trusted his teacher and he went down to his teacher that’s why he received  the wrist watch.  Thus,  you can receive the gift of the Lord which Jesus wants to give you today.  

You can think in your heart what shall I do right now?  The word of God says that trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and be delivered from the sin( Acts 16:31).

If you look at the Lord then you will understand how big a sinner you are and you will say that I have no hope. You will say in your heart that I cannot come before the Lord because he is Holy. Speak all your feelings to the Lord and ask forgiveness from him because he came on this earth to give us life by redeeming us from the bondage of sin. You should come before him with a gentle heart and humble yourself with confessing your sins. Trust in your heart that Jesus is listening you 

 and step forward the way that boy trusted his teacher then you will get the peace in your heart.

Let us  see what  Jesus said whosoever believes in me and trust the father will get eternal life.  He will be considered innocent in the eyes of the Lord.  He will be awarded with the heavenly rewards.  By following Jesus we can pay the ransom of our sins. Because Jesus paid it on the cross. 

But you have to focus on Jesus alone  who died on the cross in your place.

Do you believe that by believing his words you can be called righteous?

Now pray to him and confess all your sins and get the peace which is  available by free of cost. Take a new birth and become a child of God. In the Book of John Jesus taught us that to be in heaven we need to go through a new birth.

You can live happily with Jesus(Gospel Of Jesus Christ)

You will abstain yourself from your sinful activities  when you start walking with Jesus. Sin will not attract you like before. Your heart will be filled with the inner peace  and worldly life will not give you any pleasure. The Lord will help you to walk in his ways by putting you in his righteousness.  You will be able to love others. 

It might be difficult from a human’s perspective but with the view of God it is possible. But it is important to keep in mind that temptations will be there after receiving Jesus. The more you will pray, the more power you will gain.  God listens to our prayers and he strengthens us when we are in trouble.

You Can work for Christ(Gospel Of Jesus Christ)

The Lord delivered you from sin, so now you have to work for him. You should share it with others how the Lord  redeemed you from the sin. Your heart will be filled with joy when you will share your experience with others.

Many people will be benefited after hearing the gospel from you. If you desire to work for the Lord, then you will be enriched with the word of God and many sinners will return their lives from the sin and get the everlasting life.

You will bear the witness of the living God.  The Lord will explore everything before you which was hidden earlier. Thus you will get the taste of your life.

1 Corinthians 15:58 Paul said to be strong so that nothing can move us. Give your time to extend the kingdom of God because your labour will not go in vain. 

One thing that we should not forget about obeying the word of God. If we follow the Bible then we will be on the right track. In (Matthew 7:21) Jesus said that we have to fulfill the will of the Father at any cost.

God will give us the reward(Gospel Of Jesus Christ)

How would God reward us? The reward will be given in two steps. The first reward we will get in this world and the second one will be awarded in heaven after death. 

Now let us look at the word of God, in (John 14: 27) Jesus said that  he left the peace on the earth for us. It is not like the worldly peace. You must not be worried about anything. Here Jesus said that who believed him will get that peace which he left on the earth. This peace belongs to those who completely dedicated their lives for the sake of Jesus.

So, we all get the peace if we submit our lives at the feet of Jesus.

If you remain faithful to the Lord you will be rewarded in heaven. Disappointment might come in your life but when you will receive Jesus as your God, you will feel the  heavenly peace which  only Jesus provides. And when you will reach into heaven all your problems and trials will be no more.

You will live with the Lord and angels and all the faithful saints of the Lord forever in heaven. This is what the gift which will be given to us if we remain faithful till our death.

Jesus  is coming Soon(Gospel Of Jesus Christ)

The Bible teaches us that Jesus will come again on this earth. But this time he will not come to deliver us like his first arrival.  According to (Matthew 16:27)  Jesus will come as a judge and he will reward everyone according to the deeds.

The Bible  tells us that hell was  not created for human beings but for those fallen  angels.  But those who will not accept Jesus will be sent into the lake of fire. None will bring them back into Christ again. 

In (Matthew 8:12) Jesus said that the sons of the kingdom will be thrown into outer darkness where weeping and gnashing of teeth will accompany them.  In hell the worms of the bodies will never die and the fire will never be quenched ( Mark 9:48).

You should not be worried as you are the child of God. Jesus will come to take his children into heaven. In (Mark 13:33 )Jesus said that be  awake and careful , pray continuously.

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