Do you know Who Really Killed Jesus?Crucifixion of Jesus

Do you know Who is the Murderer Of Jesus?

Who Really Killed Jesus? Though we did not kill Jesus directly, still we are murderers of him. Not only the Roman Soldiers, we also responsible of his death so we are sinners.

The life of Jesus brings a historical change in human history. So many people died on the earth before and today but the death of Jesus is exceptional. It is such a cruel incident that the people had ever seen.  He was crucified with nailing on the cross. 

But why he was put to death and he intentionally gave his life. It is a really interesting event and we all should know it. 

To know this we need to take ourselves two thousands years back.  A man from Bethlehem who preached the kingdom of God to everyone with a soft voice. He claimed Himself that he is the son of God. He also said that it is my father’s will that one who sees the son and trusts him , will inherit the everlasting life. 

Everyone was wondering about the truth, life  and way. They were in search of the truth. At that very situation that man proclaimed that ” I am the way, truth and life , no one can come to father but by me”(John 14:6).

He healed many sick, gave life to death, blind got the sight. He also proclaimed that ” I am the bread of life and who comes before me will never be hungry and who believes in me will never be thirsty( John 6:35).

People saw his miraculous works and many became his followers. They wondered by seeing God’s mighty hand upon him. He also said that ” I and my father are one”(John 10:30).  

Who will follow me, will never walk in dark anymore but will get the light of life( John 8:12).

He was kind, the son of God and full of love  and mercy but still a great sorrow came upon him. Many had gone against him. They conspired against him  to remove from the earth forever. Many promised to kill him and wanted to see whether he is God or not. At last one of his followers handed him over his enemies. He was being caught by a group of sinners. He was brought to stand before the king but he was innocent so the king did not find any wrong in him. But everyone wanted his death sentence. 

When he was given in the hands of the Roman shoulders , he was being tortured, mocked  and ridiculed by them. He was wounded by them.  They made his gentle face with blood as they  put the crown which was full of thrones. Nobody got peace and none of them was sad for him. Everyone wanted his crucifixion. 

Finally the crowd won. The soldiers made him carry the cross for a long distance while he was with the chain and took him to Calvary.  Then they laid him on the ground and pressed him with their heavier boots and nailed his hands. Then they stood the cross on the high area of that mountain. His body was changed because of this painful torture. Though he had faced huge torture  but still he forgave them. He asked ,” father, forgive them as they do not know what they are doing”. 

After suffering for six hours on the cross he breathed his last.  The pierced man on the cross was Jesus. Death has begun since the genesis but his death was exceptional and excruciating. 

Now we can ask who is responsible for his death? Is it the Roman soldiers? Aren’t you? Are you thinking how ? He died for our sake. He did not die for his own . He gave his life so that we can live by his blood. He suffered in our place. We all are sinners and no one can deliver us from it. To wash our sins we need the holy blood. But in the eyes of the Lord we all are sinners. So, to stand before him we need to be holy as he is holy.

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.(Isaiah 53:6)

We all are born sinners and from the womb of our mothers we are sinners. We cannot become righteous by our good works. We can view ourselves as holy but God does not see us holy. To fulfill God’s standard we have to follow what did for us. Jesus is the perfect solution for all our problems. Only he can give us eternal joy in our hearts . He was God in flesh that is why he was able to forgive his murderers. His death was painful but he did not curse them. Rather he forgave them so that they can turn to God. God showed his love on the cross. We need to remember that after our death we are going to stand before his judgement and that time we will see his wrath. So, it is our high time to turn toward him so that we can get rid of his anger. 

For our salvation God did his part so no one can ever bring any excuse. He had revealed him by his invisible attributes so that the entire world could know him. Now it is our part to trust him with all our hearts to overcome the judgement which will have to face after our physical death. 

This world is a temporary place where we have to go through all the problems and trials. We can defeat them by the power of the Lord. In (Matthew 11:28) Jesus said those who are weary and tired come before me and I will give them rest.  

Let us be serious for his life which he once gave us. If we take it lightly , we have to pay it’s cost for eternity in hell.

If this God’s Word touches your heart then please do share it to your friends and family to get the touch of Jesus.

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