How Can We Achieve Spiritual Life By Jesus Christ – word of God

Do you know the real meaning of spiritual life and its importance in our life? Why did Jesus, again and again, tell us about this spiritual life?

“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell”(Matthew 10:28).

Do you know how you can get the spiritual life of Jesus? Let us see how we can get this spiritual life without which our life is meaningless.

Every human being in this world needs two spiritual requirements. The first one is he needs the forgiveness of his sins and the second requirement that he must get authority of eternal life. These two only can be available by only Jesus. He is a wonderful and mighty savior. The Lord can forgive the sin of everyone. 

The salvation is free of cost. Lord Jesus came on this earth for every man and woman so that they can get salvation. When Jesus was resurrected from the dead, he proved that only through him we can get everlasting life. When we receive him in our life as our Lord and savior only then we gain eternal life. By receiving him we get a new life.

 In the Bible we can learn that to enter into the kingdom of God we have to be born again. 

While Jesus was on the earth one night a righteous man came to meet him and his name was Nicodemus. He said that he knew Jesus came from above and all of his teachings are good for our spiritual life. And he also acknowledged that without the mighty hand of God those miracles are impossible. He had never seen such a man to do miracles like him.

At that point Nicodemus asked Jesus about how to enter into the kingdom of God. Jesus replied to him that you are a Jews  so you know well and you also teach others about it. can Jesus tell him that without being born again none can inherit the kingdom of God. But Nicodemus did not understand what actually Jesus was trying to say.

And Jesus explained to him how one can get salvation and he also narrated the incident of Israelites who travelled in the wilderness.

When the children of God complained against the Lord in the wilderness, as a result, the Lord sent many poisonous snakes in their camps. Many were bitten by them and died. So, they were frightened and came to Moses to get rid of God’s wrath. Moses prayed to the Lord to deliver them from those snakes. 

The Lord told Moses to make a bronze snake and put one hole and that should be placed in the midst of the camps of the Israelites. Then the Lord commanded them if the snake bites anyone, he should look at the bronze snake and it will be healed instantly. But some of the people from the camps do not believe in Moses. They started to treat themselves to get cured. But they could save their lives.  Few people believed Moses was saved by looking at the bronze that was given by the Lord for their deliverance.

Jesus told Nicodemus that the way those Jews were delivered from the snakes thus we need the forgiveness of sins. Jesus was crucified on the cross for the deliverance of the entire human race throughout the world.  When we feel the torture and death of Jesus on the cross, we say that he died for our sake.

We receive the new birth only when we trust him. The moment we put our faith in Jesus we get to marry him. By accepting him in our life, we get a new life by which we will taste the joy and peace in our life. 

We need to give him the utmost respect so that we can become humble in his eyes and he will become our Lord. Most of the time we don’t deny ourselves completely and that makes us indifferent before the Lord. To get the blessings from him we need to depend on his teachings just like the children of Israel who were in the wilderness and those who looked like that bronze snake were healed and today we also will be saved if we completely trust him.

Believe Also His Resurrection

Many Christians simply believe Jesus and they love to read his words regularly. But in times of hardships and temptations, they fail to stick to the scriptures. But the Bible says that we should not fear any situation because he can help us to overcome that. If we just simply believe him that he can do and we rely on him then we will also be delivered like the children of Israel those who believed Moses and looked at the bronze snake.

We need to believe in his resurrection. The resurrection was a real incident and his disciples were assured by seeing him resurrected from the dead.

Peter asked Jesus what will he gain as he has lost everything in his name. Jesus told him that he will get hundredfold what he lost in return and he will also receive eternal life. This word demonstrates that we will get a reservation after our death and we will live with him in heaven forever.

So just like his disciples, we have to believe in him and as a reward, we will receive eternal life after our death. If we look at his disciples we can find that eleven disciples gave their lives to extend the kingdom of God. As they believed the resurrection is not a fictional thought rather it is a real incident.

Jesus Will Come Again

The Bible teaches us that Jesus will come again to take us in his Kingdom. That is why we must be ready to go along with him in his Kingdom. But many of us may neglect it because of our indifference but it is important to know that the word of God is living. 

People may not believe in the second coming of Jesus but we do believe that he will come again to take children. That is why the Bible is unique in his teaching and it tells us that we are the citizens of heaven.  As we will live in heaven forever so we need to prepare ourselves, as long as we will be on this earth. If once we miss this opportunity we will never get it back anymore.

Jesus said that whosoever will believe in me will never see death. It means if we believe that Jesus is our only savior and he can give us the resurrection then it is definitely sure that we will inherit the kingdom of God that means we will never die.

On the other hand, the people of this earth who will not receive Jesus  Christ in their life will perish in hell.

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