Why Bible Says Stop Making Excuses? – God Will Never Accept

We live in a world where everyone makes more or less excuses. However, in any case, your mind is thinking of making an excuse, because you may not want to face the truth in all cases.

I wonder if there is an excuse to pass. But do you think that by making excuses to God, you will be saved? Is there any excuse for being rescued? No excuse can ever save you.

Adam and Eve sinned, made excuses, and tried to blame each other. They thought that God would not look at their sins, because they could show a number of reasons why they sinned.

Even though we read the Bible, God punished them. No matter how cunning he is, no matter how much he tries to justify himself, God will not accept any excuse (Genesis 3: 9-19; Galatians 6: 7-8).

Failing to live as Christians, many make excuses to justify their Christian work and conduct. When you are asked, “Why weren’t you in church last week?” Your answer might be, “I went somewhere else,” or, “I’m stuck in a job, so I couldn’t come.” When you don’t want to admit your mistakes or infidelities, your next attempt is to make excuses, which is just a strategy to avoid.

In fact, you don’t try to figure out how foolish, miserable, poor, blind, and naked you are when you make excuses like this. Woe to you! Because that’s exactly what you see; You have accepted well as evil, evil as good.

Even then, if you are asked, “How is your life going?” That is, you are hiding the real truth, hiding your own personality because you do not want to discuss the bad things in your life. If you say everything is fine, then no one will bother you. But God knows everything about you (see Isaiah 5: 20,21: Revelation 3:16 and Hebrews 4:12-13).

If you tell a rich man about Christ, if you say that Christ is your Lord, your Creator, then he will somehow make excuses and say, “Now is not the time for these things; another time will come when I will have time. Because this rich man is running after money.” At least for now, but that’s his excuse.

Another poor man will say, “Those who have money can serve God well. As long as I don’t have money, I don’t think I can serve God well. If you are chasing after money, if you are rich and you do not have time to read God’s Word, then God is asking you a question, “What good is it if someone gains the whole
world and loses his real life? What does he have to give to get back to real life? ”(Matthew 16:26).

But in fact, it is beneficial to follow the Christian faith with a contented mind. We have not brought it with us into the world, nor can we take it away from the world. But if we have food and clothes, we will be satisfied.

But those who want to be rich fall into various temptations and traps, and all the vile and evil desires arise in them, which sink the life to the brink of destruction and ruin. The love of money is the root of all evils.

Many have turned their backs on Christianity for the sake of money ”(1 Timothy 6:6-10). So, in the pursuit of money, you are neglecting your Creator, your Life-Giver, the Lord of all things in your life, and the will of God (Luke 12:18-21).

Today this, tomorrow that, this is how the people make various excuses. When you say to your friend or to someone in church, “Why aren’t you surrendering your life to Christ? Why are you not repenting? No?”
Naturally, some excuses might be, “My father is a believer in another religion; he will never allow me to be a Christian. Our family has a very high status in society. It will be a great disgrace to them.

My mother would definitely treat me badly if I am a Christian. I don’t think I can walk the narrow path until I finish my studies. the study is my first goal; Then I will give place to God. But as long as I am not married, I will not be able to serve God properly. As long as I’m doing business, I can’t be happy by serving God.

I can’t think of God if business isn’t good. O man, in these words you are actually speaking to your creator, who gave you life. What if today, right now, God says to you, “O man, you will not live tomorrow
(James 4: 14-17; Ezekiel 18:20; Matthew 10:33-39; Luke 12:20 and Luke 14: 18:20).
There will be no excuse for salvation. Honestly, you don’t want to deny the things of the world. When God tells you to repent, there are no more excuses.

Then you can start now. You have done something that is wrong and you do not want to give it up; Nor you want to open your minds to Jesus to cleanse yourself. Because you love your own things more than God. Your educational qualifications, honor,
rank, father, mother, wife, husband, money, etc. You love more than God.

Well, please think a little about the time at hand. Then ask yourself these questions: “What am I? Am I right to ignore God? When the Holy Spirit came and told me something, did I make excuses?

What if this is the last chance for me? And what will happen when all the excuses are over without knowing it? What else can I give in exchange for my life?
You must face this eternal truth, one day you must accept this truth, the day God will question the reason for your disobedience. What deadly information will be revealed. Then nothing will be hidden.

All your excuses, all your pride will annoy you with a question from God.
The prophet Isaiah mentions in chapter thirty and verse one, Woe to the one-sided children who work according to plan but not according to my will. They make friends but not at the whim of my soul.

That is how they put sin upon sin. “Pride prevents you from standing in front of yourself, doesn’t it? You want to live with your face covered forever, you don’t want to admit anything, how unclear you are that on the last day of judgment, all your excuses stood against salvation. Friends who have had fun with you will forget you and they will take care of their own plight. And you, too, will be left alone with your work.

Even though you will have various excuses, they will be against you and you will have to deal with them in God’s eyes. When God asks, “What did you do for the salvation plan that I came down with as a gift?

What did you do when I gave you the opportunity to repent and be saved? You understand, everything you have done in life.” It is too late to change all your excuses with God’s will, then you will be thrown into the abyss of darkness, where you will be tormented day and night forever (Revelation 20:10).

You know your excuses. Whatever is keeping you away from God’s will is in your mind. Do you want them to block your way to heaven? From the day you started making excuses and kept sin in his mind; all these will stand before you in heaven. You cannot go to heaven, because your thoughts, your actions, and everything you say has kept you off the path to heaven.

Yet now is the time to repent. God is calling you today “Woe to you sinners, come to me! Why are you wandering about in vain? Your Savior is calling to you! Come to me!” Thus saith the LORD; Though their sins have become bright red, they will be white as snow; Even though they are dark red, they will be as white as a lamb ”(Isaiah 1:18).

If truly, and the genuine way you repent for your sins and pray for repentance, and without delay throw away all excuses and open your heart completely to the Lord, He will no longer consider your evil path to be judged. If you come to God as a repentant sinner through Jesus Christ; He will accept you, if you do not make any excuses.

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