Who will suffer the consequences of his sins? – Bible Stories

Once upon a time, there was a rural town and its market was quite big. People used to come
here from far and wide. One had to cross a secluded place to enter into this market. A
notorious robber called Mack lived in that secluded place. He used to run his family by robbing and killing many people who used to travel through that place.

Once a priest was walking that way and Mack attacked him in the middle of the secluded place. But the priest did not carry much money along with him. But Mack was obstinate to get money from him.. He raised his eyebrows and began to show fear. The priest said Mack, “Well, will you kill me?”

Let me ask you a question before that. Well, all the people you killed will kill me today, who will bear the brunt of its sins? Mack the robber replied – “Why? For those for whom I commit this robbery.

My parents, wife, and children will all suffer. Because I do this to feed them.
The priest said, “Well, now you tie me to this tree and come back from the house and ask them who would take away your sin.

At this word, Mack tied the priest with the tree and ran to his home. First he came to his mother,then his wife. Mack asked everyone, but no one agreed to take the sin of him, so he ran to the priest in despair and wept at his feet.

Afterward, the priest took out a Bible from his bag and gave it to Mack so that he could find the way out of his sin. The scripture says that the man who commits sin will die ( Ezekiel 18:20),(John 1:29) says that see the lamb of God who bears the sin of the world.

Jesus also says that all the weary and tired people come to me and I will give you rest.
Jesus Christ bore the sins of all on the cross and accepted the punishment of all. The priest said to Moses, “If you confess your sin to Jesus today and surrender at His feet, He will forgive all your sins and give you peace.” Your bandit name will be gone. You can be a child of God.

When the robber heard this, he wept and begged Jesus for forgiveness for all of his sins. He
surrendered his knife to the priest, and returned home as a new man.
Friend, there is no one in this world who can bear the burden of your sins. Jesus is the only
bearer of the burden. Lay down the burden of your sins at His feet and confess all your sins one by one.

You will be punished and released by His mercy. Everyone can turn from his sinful life to the feet of Jesus to inherit the everlasting life. We all are sinners and we cannot purchase our salvation by our earthly possessions. If you think that you also need to be saved by the grace of Jesus then you can follow the prayer below.

Prayer – God, I have done wrong. Forgive my sins unjustly. For all that, the Lord Jesus endured punishment after the cross. So forgive me so that I don’t have to share the fruits of those sins.

I don’t want to lose my soul in the lake of fire but I need to find your grace so that I can receive eternal life. I do repent for my sins and I believe that you have died your life on the cross for me. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus.

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