The Living God – For The Word Of God Is Living And Active

Do you want to know the true and living God? Do you want to get the assurance that your sins have been forgiven?  How to be the child of God, do you want to learn that? If you have the interest to know this then let’s read this. At the end of the reading, you will get the answers to your questions.  Besides that, you will get some other answers that sometimes arise in your heart.

Word Of God Is Living And Active

The answers to your questions had been given in the Bible.  The Bible is such a book in which the Lord revealed himself to mankind. The Bible is the words of living God.  There are so many reasons to know that the Bible is the true and words of living God.

First of all, we can see that it has a mighty power to transform someone’s heart. In today’s world, thousands and thousands of people’s hearts have been changed by reading the scriptures and they have found the real meaning of their lives.

a tremendous sinner has turned his life from his sinful acts and became a righteous man by turning to the word of God. The life once which was immersed in darkness and disappointment, found hope and peace by the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, we know that the Bible is the word of God because it has recorded all the incidents that will happen thousands and thousands of years later by the prophecies. and we can see that all the things are happening till today which the bi will have foretold before. The Bible was written by around 40 authors from various parts of the world and it took 1600 years to complete.  In spite of differences in their writings a hormone can be seen in those writings.

This clearly demonstrates that this book was written under the guidance of the Lord. Because he is the one who gave his words to the men to write them down. He also instructed them what to record for the upliftment and guidance and protection for mankind.

All the words of the Bible are given by the Lord for the correction and learning for the believers(2Timothy 3:16).

Thirdly the Lord has revealed himself to us by the Bible. From the Bible, we can learn that the Lord is holy, omnipresent, and everlasting. 

As he is the Holy God that is why he has to judge all the sinners and unrighteous people. The Lord is Omnipotent and he can do everything. The wonderful world where we are living in the creation of the Lord. He made it perfect for our residents. All of his creations glorify his name by their duties. 

The heavens declare the glory of God, And the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, And night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language Where their voice is not heard.

Their line has gone out through all the earth, And their words to the end of the world. In them, He has set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber And rejoices like a strong man to run its race. Its rising is from one end of heaven, And its circuit to the other end; And there is nothing hidden from its heat. (Psalms 19:1-6)

God knows everything and he also knows all the things that happened in the past. All the things are naked before his eyes and he also has the knowledge about what will happen in the future in detail. He exists everywhere. in heaven or on this earth there is no place where we will not get him. And the Lord never changes; he moves by his own will.

The Lord is love and whosoever will come before him will also inherit the laugh from him. The Lord loves everyone in this world and to demonstrate his love he died on the cross for the Remission of Sins.

Have you ever heard that from where all the things on this earth had arrived? If you look at the sky we can see the sun, the moon, and all the heavenly bodies that have been designed in a beautiful order.

Have you ever thought about who placed all this in order?  How the life on this earth came and who brought it and how did he bring life on this earth? The Bible is the perfect book in which we can find all these answers.  There are so many people in the world who are in confusion about the things of this world.

They always ask in their hearts about this but if we look at the Bible we will find sufficient reasons for the existence of these natural things. The Bible clearly answers us from where the man has come and why did he come and where is he moving.

So we can understand that the Lord of the Bible is mighty and loving and he is the one who created everything for ourselves. We can surrender our life before him and the moment we will humble ourselves we will receive blessings. But to do so sometimes we can find it difficult because we are the born sinners.

Our pride in nature prevents us from surrendering our life in the hands of the Lord. We try to live according to our plan according to our will whereas the Lord demands us to be submissive before him. There are many people who deny living under the guidance and will of God. But it would be best for us to submit ourselves before the Lord to gain his blessings. We will experience the difference after receiving Jesus in our life as our God and savior. 

Jesus also invited us to come before him to accept him so that we can find our life. Most of the times when we get tired and disappointed in our lives we come before him. If we confess our sins and obey him then we will find life and we will be blessed. The Bible teaches us that the one who submit his life will gain his life and the one who does not receive Jesus will lose his life.

So we must be very careful because one day we will have to leave this earth and we will face the judgement where the Lord Jesus Christ himself will judge us according to our works on this earth. In this world we have the freedom to choose to do good or to do evil but at the judgement you will have no freedom to choose heaven or hell. That is why the Bible warns us to be serious in this spiritual matter. if we once lose the hope of our life then we will have to pay the consequence  forever.

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