What Is The Second death? – The Deadly Effects of 2nd Death

Man is confined in sin. Every human being in this world including rich, poor, wise and illiterate is affected due to the sin. No one can escape death in this world. So, we all have to pass through death which means we all have to depart this physical world and we all know about this. But the Bible tells us another death that is the second death.  The Bible is very serious about this death. 

What is the second death ?

The last book of the Bible that is Revelation many times talks about the second death. Example (Revelation 21:8, 2:11, 20:6, 20:14-15).

The Bible warns us to be careful concerning this death. The second death was quite similar with the first death. The first death separates our soul from the physical body. Thus the second death separates soul from the presence of the Lord and the soul dies. Because the Bible says after man’s first death  when he will be resurrected  then he will have two ways before him. 1. Heaven and 2. Hell. There will be no way between heaven and hell.

One who will go to heaven will live forever with the Lord; that means he gets life. But if a soul goes to hell then he will suffer there forever. According to the Bible this is what caused the second death.

Jesus has warned us about this second death ” if one kills your physical body , do not fear him,  but fear him  who can destroy your body and soul in hell”( Matthew 10:28).

Here, Jesus said our first death is on earth and the second death will be after the judgement. So, we can understand that it is a spiritual death.

The deadly effects of the second death

The second death is deadly and we will see it with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. But some people say that God is love so he will not do such a thing to his children. Because the Lord loves his children so much. Yes it’s true that the Lord us love and he loves his children but at the same time he is a consuming fire. The Bible tells us that the love of God is for a limited period of time. The grace period will last till the end of this physical world.  After the end of this world , a deadly judgement is waiting for us which will send the unrighteous into hell( Matthew 25:41).

“When once the Master of the house has risen up and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, Lord, open for us,’ and He will answer and say to you, ‘I do not know you, where you are from”( Luke 13:25).

Jesus gave a parable of rich man and poor man. There was a man who was rich and wore blue coloured  clothes. He lived a  luxurious life as he had huge wealth. But before his house a  poor beggar named Lazarus used to sit and expected to eat from that rich man’s house.  He had skin disease and the dogs used to licks him.

One day when the beggar died, the angel of the Lord took him in the bosom of Abraham. When the rich man passed away , he was buried . The rich man was spending his life in hell with torments. When he looked up , he saw Abraham. He also saw that beggar was sitting with him. The rich man seeked grace from Abraham.

He asked him to send Lazarus to him  so that he can give little water by his finger.  Because I’m suffering in this lake of fire. But Abraham reminded him of the luxurious life that he spent on earth . You have enjoyed your life there but Lazarus suffered a lot. Here he is enjoying and you are suffering.  Apart from this , there is a great gap between us so that no one comes to us and no one can go there. 

Then the rich man requested Abraham to send Lazarus in his house so that my five brothers could hear him and live righteously . To avoid this painful place.

How can you get delivered from the second death?

Man is getting cruel day after day and committing sin to gain self profit and walking against the Lord. But the Bible tells us to be aware of these things . Because the Lord Jesus will come again and there will be no time for enjoyment.

But no one knows the time of his arrival. Some people think that they will enjoy now but before death they will accept Jesus. But we also do not even know the first death too. So,  the Bible tells us not to sleep but to awake all the time because the Lord is at hand.

We have to be ready every time . We also have to please God by our deeds. We have to evaluate ourselves and verify our actions with the scriptures. We have to obey all the commandments of Jesus. To get delivered from the second death and sin  we need to accept Jesus as our personal saviour. Amen.

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