Repentance In The Bible – Repentance Is The Door Of Grace

Repentance Is The Door Of Grace,Do you know that you are a sinner and because of your sin, you become guilty in the sight of the Lord. That made you receive an everlasting curse which will give you the sentence of death. The wages of the sin is death for eternity( Romans 6:23).

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And if a sinful man desires to get delivered from the eternal death to receive an everlasting life, he needs the grace of the Lord. We are receivable to obtain his grace, but God keeps that in his authority. Though this grace is free of cost to gain from the Lord. Still, God does allow grace unconditionally.  Repentance is the condition that God wants from us to give his grace.

John the Baptist,  preached the word of God in the world and  his teachings were simple but highly important.

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” Repent  as the kingdom of God is near” ( Matthew 3:2)

Jesus was the son of God and began his ministry using the same words that John the Baptist used ” Repent, as the kingdom of God is near”( Matthew 4:17).

Repentance is important to get rid of the sin. As Peter said to repent and return from the sinful deeds so that your sins can be forgiven (Acts 3:19)

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We cannot get salvation by our own ability. Even our dear ones also cannot deliver us from the wrath of God. Repentance to the Lord makes the door open to give us grace by which we get salvation(Ephesians 2:8-9).  There are so many people in the world and everyone is unique to another. Though many similarities exist in  us but still we are differently made by the Lord.  But in one field we all have a common thing that is we all are sinners from which no one can be rescued. In this matter the word of God clearly says that ,” all have sinned  and fall short of the glory of God”(Romans 3:23).

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The word of God also says ,” there is no one who can claim himself righteous” ( Romans 3:10).

God told by the mouth of prophet Isaiah ,” we all have gone astray like lambs, everyone is returning to his way” ( Isaiah 53:6)

If we closely look at these scriptures we can see the words that tell us , everyone has gone astray, and no one is righteous, everyone committed sin. Are you not among them?

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Your soul, your life does not belong to you, rather God is the one who has you. Man,woman, young or old, anyone who does not accept God as his Lord , is a disobedient sinner.

It is written in the holy book of the Bible ,anyone who violates the law of God, deserves punishment which will lead to death( Ezikiel 18:4).

Your sin separated you from the presence of the Lord. You know there is a  hidden desire in your heart that you cannot explain to others . You feel that you are abandoned from the Lord, he does not listen your prayers. 

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” See, the hands of the Lord is not so short that he cannot deliver you, his ears are not so heavy that he cannot hear, but because of your sins you had separated from the Lord, your sins brought a veil between you and the Lord, that is why he does not hear you ( Isaiah 59:1-2).

”  the wages of sin is death”( Romans 6:23).

As you think of your life and sin , thus think of the Lord.

God is holy, righteous and just . It is written, ” because all the deeds  , goods and evils and the hidden  will bring into  judgement ( Ecclesiastes 12:14).

There is a great vacant existence between you and the Lord. And if we don’t connect ourselves with the Lord then eternal death is certain ( Luke 16:26)

But for you a way and hope exists. It is true that the Lord made death for the punishment of sinners.  Still, it is important to note that he is a loving God/ God is love (1John 4:16)

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Though you sink in the sin still he loves you. And his love made a  way out for our salvation (John 3:16).  God never lies and definitely he will judge the sinners. If God finds us guilty in his judgement then definitely we will die.

It is not God’s will that even  one perish. So, he sent his son Jesus on the earth , so that he can take away our sins and we can live. It is written in the Bible, ” so, you notice the goodness and sovereignty of God” (Romans 11:22).

God’s love gives man salvation but his wrath gives death. Jesus came on the earth to give our soul salvation . He is the holy, sinless and blameless lamb of the Lord.

The great love of the Lord was proved when all of our sins were put to Jesus. Jesus took our sins to fulfill the will of the father. He became the sinner instead of us and to fulfill the judgement of the Lord ,he died on the cross. He suffered on the cross as a cost of our sins for six hours. Finally , he sacrificed his life. 

See, on one side there is the great love of God and on the other hand his deadly judgement . You can understand that Jesus died for you. Even he died for the sins. Peter preached before a large people that that man was crucified with the plan of the Lord.

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 “Him, being delivered by the determined purpose and foreknowledge of God, you have taken by lawless hands, have crucified, and put to death;” Acts 2:23

Let us, look at the crucified Jesus . And confess your sins , be united with his death.  Imagine that painful event in your heart, and  that will bring repentance  in your heart. The Holy Spirit will tell you that instead of Jesus you should have died on the cross. In spite of that , Jesus has taken your place.

When you will feel it then repentance will come into your heart for the sins. Think about how sad it would be if you accepted the death penalty, specially  when is the son of God. 

When we think with  such a repentant heart, we deserve that punishment of God and repenting with weeping , we confess our sins , then our heart shouted out , ” oh Lord , have mercy upon this sinner” (Luke 18:13).

This is the first step of the repentance. Thus repentance gradually brings us back from the sins and leads us into the path of the Lord. The man who cleanses from evil ,he will ponder on the things of above.

As long as a man repents for his sins , he can’t get peace and joy in his heart and fear does not get removed.  The main thing of repentance is that if we do not partake the pain and suffering of Jesus , then we will  not achieve the experience and joy of the resurrection  of  Jesus.  At last,  through repentance we surrender our life to God and experience the love of God. Even we also surrender ourselves to the church that was mentioned in the New Testament. 

The moment one submits his life before God with repentance ,then God starts working in his life.  God gave us a free will to choose. He will not disturb us in our life until we allow him to rule our lives. The Bible says all the plans of God for us are good for our spiritual development.  God wants to give us a blessed life so that we can know him and walk along with Him. Repentance Is The Door Of Grace.

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