Meaning Of “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”

In (Matthew 3:2) John the Baptist says that repent For the kingdom of Heaven come to you. In (Mark 1:15) Jesus says to return from the sin and repent as the kingdom of God is at hand. We must know about this as John and Jesus say to repent for the kingdom of God has come.

When the rainwater falls on the field, the farmers say, “Now is the time to sow the seeds in the field.
John the Baptist saw that the kingdom of heaven descended to earth.
Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God and the sinner of the world, is the symbol of the kingdom of heaven. So, the opportunity has come when one should change one’s mind and enter this heavenly kingdom.

John the Baptist preached the message of conversion. He is not a nominated or appointed preacher of any organization in the society.
He is the voice of the Lord of the wilderness in the wilderness, who proclaimed,

Make all his ways straight (Matthew 3: 3) as John the baptist living preacher of the Lord (Luke 3: 4).
The best of mankind is John the Baptist, the apostle of God, who, knowing the nearness of the kingdom of heaven or the true kingdom of God, Jesus Christ, renewed and preached the word of repentance with a rebuke to melt hard hearts.

After meditating deeply in the wilderness for a long time, he saw the full picture of the kingdom of heaven in Jesus Christ and to save his people from the path of eternal destruction.

Filled with the Spirit of the Lord, he began to preach. “ Prepare your mind because the kingdom of heaven is near. ” Jesus, the King of the kingdom of heaven, has come, the road must be straightened for his victory, his way must be prepared (Luke 3: 5).
Jesus’ triumphant ride on the back of a donkey in Jerusalem was misunderstood by his own people. They thought he was the Messiah, the King of Israel.

He will save them from the hand of the Roman emperor, he will be their king.
But the kingdom of the Lord is not of this world, but for his coming which highway must be straightened, which way must be prepared — where are the mountains and hills in his path? Let King Jesus greet the people.

The Jews had a preconceived notion of the kingdom of heaven, thinking that the kingdom of God was for the worldly good of their nation. Others cannot share it.
This vague and erroneous idea brought a lot of shame to their character. Among the priests, there were various faults such as religious extravagance, aristocracy, arrogance, oppression of the poor and widows, and deprivation of the birthright of women. Their minds were hardened.

They could not actually enter the kingdom of heaven on their own and prevented others from entering. They acted outwardly but did not understand what his real purpose was.

Thus many obstacles and obstacles appeared in their minds on the way to the coming of God. Arrogance, aristocratic selfishness created huge obstacles in the way of God’s coming as mountains and sub-mountains.

As a baptismal, he impartially convinced people from all walks of life, even King Herald, of the hardness of their minds and their secret sins.
Let them repent, repent of their sins and enter the kingdom of heaven and gain everlasting life. Repentance for sin prepares the way for Jesus to enter the kingdom.

Simplifies his highway. The heart that has a sinful consciousness, that repents for sin (Luke 15), that has renounced sin and is determined to come to Jesus, that which has forsaken the old way of life, that is preparing the way for the coming of Jesus, and that is paving the way.

That cry of the Baptist is being heard everywhere in the world today. What a terrible world today! I want to change the way the world is changing, but what can be done?
There is no peace anywhere in the world today, only unrest and corruption in personal life, social life and state life. If people’s attitudes change today, the world will be destroyed. The only hope is the kingdom of heaven established by Jesus Christ.

The time has come to enter this kingdom not only as a nominee, but as a real tenant.
Today we need poverty alleviation, giving birthright to the downtrodden, recognition of the birthright of every nation and tribe, bringing equality among the people, cooperation and co-operation for mutual benefit and development, international friendship, peaceful coexistence, development of underdeveloped, hope for the hereafter.

These will be available to all in the kingdom of heaven by Jesus Christ. Peace will come to the world. So it is time to change your mind and enter the kingdom of heaven. Let us all listen to the words of the Baptist.

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