Jesus Sacrifice Life On The Cross – Jesus Died On The Cross For Us

Jesus died on the cross For us

We all know that Jesus died on the cross. The Bible tells us that it was foretold by the prophets of Israel. Apart from the Bible the history also witnesses the death of Jesus. In those days, the Roman Government used to punish the criminals on the cross. It was such a severe punishment according to that time.

But many people do not know the reason why Jesus was being crucified on the cross.
We should know the reason for Jesus’s death, because it is important for each of us to know.

To go deeper about this subject we need to know Who Jesus was. If we read the Bible we can see that Jesus was the son of God and also He was God too. From his divinity he was God and from his humanity he was man. In Jesus God dwells bodily (Colossians 2:9). And Jesus performed many miracles and wonders.

Some of the Miracles of Jesus and Jesus claimed to be God

Miracles of Jesus and Jesus claimed to be God

Jesus had done many miracles in his earthly ministry. All of his wonderful works declare that he was God in flesh. Many people were benefited by the healing hands of Jesus. Let us see some miracles of Jesus.

The first miracle that Jesus did was at cana in Galilee where a wedding ceremony took place(John 2:1-11).

Jesus cured Peter’s mother-in-law while she was in bed due to fever.when Jesus came into Peter’s house , he found that his mother-in-law got fever. She was immediately healed the moment Jesus touched her by his hands(Mark 1:30-31).

Jesus also cured a man who suffered from leprosy. He asked Jesus to heal him and Jesus was compassionate upon him and he was cured by the mighty hand of God(Mark 1:40-45).

Once, while Jesus was with his disciples on a boat, a fearful storm arose suddenly which made his disciples frighten. but Jesus was sleeping at that moment and when he woke up , he calmed the storm(Matthew 8:23-27).

While Jesus was walking with his disciples , he met a man who was blind since his birth. It moved Jesus and he gave him the sight to see the wonderful creation of the Lord(John 9:1-38).

All these miracles and wonders express that he was not just a simple man. He was the image of invisible God(Colossians 1:15). The Bible also tells us that Jesus was the mediator between man and God.

Why did Jesus give his life intentionally

If Jesus was God himself and did so many miracles then the question that arises in our hearts , why he died on the cross? Why did he not save himself from the crucifiction? To know all these in detail , we need to look at the Bible, because the Bible clearly reveals it. Bible tells us that Jesus died on the cross intentionally for the entire world.

If it was not his own will then nobody would have ever crucified him on the cross. Jesus had known about the the incidents that he was about to be faced.
John expressed that Jesus was the lamb of God who was assigned to take away the sin of the world (John 1:29).

Jesus gave his life willingly so that we all can live forever. Jesus said he came on this earth and who will believe in him will never see death. We all are sinners and we are separated from the Lord.

The Bible says we all committed sin and fall shorts of his glory (Romans 3:23).
No one can claim that he did not commit a single sin. Sin is the factor that makes us enemies of God.

The Bible says the wages of the sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life which can be gained by Jesus Christ(Romans 6:23).

By birth we are sinners and we are destined to go in hell. God loves sinners but he hates sins. Our noble deeds will not lead us into heaven. We inherited the sin from our forefathers and which came from the disobedience of Adam. The Bible says the wages of sin is death.

According to the Bible death is two types. Physical death and spiritual death. Separation from the Lord is spiritual death and it happens due to sin. We cannot enter into God’s presence with our sin.

To know more about sin click the

God is holy that is why we can’t come before him as we are unholy.
To get rid of the sin ,we need the blood of a sinless man. So we can’t save ourselves by our blood. Even if we dedicate our lives for others, we won’t be able to save others. So we were in need of sinless blood.

Sin entered into the world by one man’s disobedience and the salvation also came to us by one man’s righteous work. Jesus is the second Adam by whom we are to be saved.

One can ask the question that Jesus also was a simple human being like us. So, why is he not a sinner. We need to understand that his birth was done by the power of the Holy spirit. Even Jesus told that he was sinless and many scriptures also tell us that he commits no sin.

From the book of Isaiah we can know that his birth was foretold (Isaiah 9:6). Matthew also records that his birth was from the womb of Mary and the spirit of God performed this miracle (Matthew 1:19-21).

So Jesus did not come from a man’s seed. He was unique in birth and that is why he was holy. Jesus knew his sufferings and death ahead and he also warned his disciples about this matter(Matthew 16:21).

A blind person cannot show the way to another blind man.Same way a sinner cannot give us salvation. To get salvation we need a person who is sinless.
Jesus said that he is the good shepherd and a good shepherd gives his life for his lambs (John 10:10-11).

If Jesus did not give his life on the cross the whole world will never get a way out of sin.
Because of this Jesus died on the cross so that we can be considered holy in the eyes of the Lord. We can say that Jesus gave his life intentionally.

By Jesus’s death we get the way to salvation. We all need to believe Jesus to enter into the kingdom of God. Jesus gave his life to offer us an eternal life where we will live forever.

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