Consequences Of The Fall – The Results of Adam and Eve’s Sin

In a moment, Adam and Eve realized that they were naked. They were ashamed and tried to cover their nakedness by making fig leaves. When God called them, they could not go before him. They hid behind a tree. God found them and said, “What have you done? ‘Adam blames his wife, and his wife blames snakes.

Think of the terrible consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin! The sins, sorrows, sufferings, and afflictions that have filled the world today are the poisonous consequences of the sins of that original human woman. God is holy and just.

He cannot ignore sin. He must be punished for sinning because God is holy. God cursed Snake that he would have to walk on his chest and spend the rest of his life eating dust. He gave this curse to the woman, she had to give birth to a child with severe pain. He also cursed the land for the sins of the people.

Today all over the world we see a lot of cactus and thorn bushes. Farmers and gardeners know how difficult it is to curse the abundance of this thorny forest. We are still reaping the fruits of Adam’s sin. Because God cursed Adam that he would have to make bread as soon as he could sweat. Adam and Eve were banished from the garden of Eden.

God said, “The day you eat its fruit you will die.” The word death is used in the Bible in three different senses: 

(1) Physical death, as a result of which the human soul is separated from its body.

(2) Second Death is eternal separation from God, 

(3) Spiritual death comes when God removes his soul from the human soul. 

Adam and Eve did not die physically as soon as they ate the forbidden fruit, but physical death began to work in their bodies, just as it works in your body and mine today.

Spiritual death came into their lives the moment they ate the forbidden fruit. God took his own spirit from them. The offspring of Adam and Eve were born physically, but not spiritually. From that day until today, every child born of a humble father has been born with a sinful nature.

We know that this is true. It is not just the Bible that teaches this. On the other hand, it is also directly proven in terms of our human experience. Sin is human nature. Just as the nature of a bird is to fly with wings in the open sky or the nature of a fish is to swim in the water with the joy of the mind, so is the nature of man drowning in the joy of sin.

The Bible says that man knows God by nature, but he has failed to glorify him as God. Man has taken refuge in vain fantasies and has turned the glory of the immortal God into the image of man, beast, quadruped, and even the creature that walks on his chest. People today are full of unrighteousness, adultery, homicide, and all sorts of illusions. So God’s wrath is revealed from heaven against all such sins.

Sin is a violation of God’s law of righteousness. This provision of God, the sinful state of sin. Shows us. When we measure our condition by human standards, we feel that we are not very bad people, but when we measure ourselves by divine standards, we see that we have sinned and become unworthy of praise from God.

Can we understand what is good and what is bad? How do we know if we are pleasing or displeasing to God? God has revealed in his Holy Word what is good and what is bad. Thirty-five hundred years ago, he gave the ten basic commandments to man through Masih. Can be given in the following way? This is the essence of the Ten Commandments

(1) You shall have no other gods before me.

(2) Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

(3) Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD  in vain.

(4) You should respect your parents.

(5) You must keep the Sabbath holy.

(6) Do not kill a man.

(6) Do not commit adultery.

(6) Do not steal.

(9) Do not give false testimony.

(10) Do not covet anything.

(Exodus 20: 3-17)

None in the world has ever been born of a human father and perfectly obeyed God’s laws.

God’s law condemns all. God says, “He who observes the whole system but is guilty of one thing is guilty of everything. If a person violates the rules of his country, he is punished by the governing authorities of that country. 

In the same way, if a person violates God’s law, he will be punished by God. The penalty for sin must be received. The Bible clearly teaches that sinners who have not received divine forgiveness will burn forever in a lake of burning fire and brimstone.

Will all people be punished forever in a hopeless way? Is there any way for sinful men to be reunited with Holy God? If God loves all people, will He not prescribe a way for them to be saved? He has made a perfect way for all the men and women of the world. Blessed be God! It is not God’s will that he should perish in complete salvation, but he wants everyone to change their minds. This wonderful salvation that God has provided for the people of the world is through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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