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Why would you donate us?

If you have time in hand then please go through the article till the end. It is your own will to assist us. But your little help will extend the kingdom of God.

We are struggling here to extend the kingdom of God. We know that we will be rewarded by the Lord. Let’s see some examples of preaching the gospel in India. 

1. Pastors are getting tortured due to the gospel.

2. Miscreants have destroyed the church buildings.

3. Even a pastor was burnt alive in his car.

4. And society hates us as we accepted Jesus. Even our family is against us. As we came from Hindu families.

But we are glad for being persecuted. As the word of God strengthens us.  According to (Matthew 5: 10) we get the inspiration to suffering for the sake of Jesus. 

We all have financial problems at home. Due to (Covid 19) we are facing more financial problems. We preach the gospel by our own efforts. Because of this pandemic, many of us have lost our jobs.

Apart from this pandemic, an extreme super cyclone that is Amphan hits our state and gives us more trouble. Many of our believers have lost their houses due to this severe cyclone. 

Most of them are very poor. Our pastors also have financial problems. 

We don’t have a permanent church building so we do the Sunday service in a rented house where we face many objections from the owner’s house. Apart from this, we don’t have a burial ground too.

Besides these, we also have many problems in our ministry. If we write all of them it will be a lengthy article. 

We are continuously praying to God and we also want you to pray for us so that God can make a way.  We do believe that God will definitely solve all of our issues.

If you would like to step forward to extend the kingdom of God then you are most welcome. God bless you. May the Lord give you good health for his ministry.